Preassembled Radiant Floor Panels

Do your own installation and save money!

For the skilled self-builder who wants to save money on their project, we will provide you with all the necessary technical support, installation drawings, professionally made pre-assembled panel and piping for your hydronic floor heating system so that you can complete your project yourself.

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You are a self-builder who wishes to install a radiant floor heating system?

Microclimat is your specialist in the design, manufacture and sale of hydronic floor heating panels for self-builders. These pre-assembled panels allow self-builders to install their own floor heating system. All of our radiant floor projects come with specific instructions that will facilitate the installation of the radiant piping. You’ll have a working floor in no time!

By doing the work yourself, you will save on installation labor.

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A product designed for self-builders

Get your own quality pre-assembled floor heating panel!

Our panels are designed and manufactured in our workshop in order to be as economical, compact and aesthetic as possible. They are installed on plywood and are delivered, packaged and pressurized to ensure their quality. 


The electric boiler

  • The electric boiler is used to increase the temperature of the fluid circulating in the radiant floor system. It can use combustion (gas or oil) or electricity as an energy source.
  • If you choose an electric boiler with an electronic card, you can connect an outdoor sensor. Thus, you can modulate the temperature of your fluid between -10 and +10 dC. In this way, you will improve your comfort and reduce your energy consumption and costs, since you do not need the same amount of energy with a mild outside temperature.

The discharge valve

  • Being a pressurized and closed system, the hydronic code requires the installation of this valve. It will open and discharge if the system pressure rises to 30 psig. For your safety, your fluid is at 45 dC, its discharge must be no more than 6'' from the ground or connected to a drain.
  • The pressure relief valve is mandatory by hydronic code.

The air separator

  • The water molecule is composed of 2 molecules of hydrogen for 1 molecule of oxygen. In a closed-loop system, the latter must be evacuated, otherwise it will rust the metals present in the system. According to its design, when water passes through it, a pressure drop is created that promotes the detachment of this molecule and evacuates it to the outside.
  • The air separator is mandatory by hydronic code.

The expansion tank

  • Unlike gas, liquid cannot compress or expand. When a liquid is heated or cooled, its mass volume changes. The expansion tank serves as a buffer for this change. It is divided into two parts; the heat transfer medium and an air reservoir. These are separated by a rubberized membrane.

The circulator pump

  • Unlike a pump, a circulator pump does not beat any pressure. It is designed to convert dynamic energy into static energy. It is used to circulate fluid in a closed system, while a pump is used to draw and transport fluid in a system open to the atmosphere.

The distribution manifold

  • The distribution manifold is the distributor feeding the radiant piping.

The radiant piping

  • Made with oxygen barrier PEX A or B, this tubing will distribute the heated fluid to the parts through loops.

The glycol pressurization tank

  • This tank is used to build pressure in the hydronic system. It is used when it is impossible to connect to the domestic water supply.

The heat transfer fluid

  • Generally, water is the best heat transfer fluid. However, since it is different depending on the nature of the soil in the region, we need to know its hardness and acidity. Following the analysis, if they are out of standard, we will have to use distilled water. The latter is pure water without minerals and with a neutral PH.
  • As the water goes from liquid to solid at 0 dC, if there is a risk of freezing we will use a ratio of propylene glycol as an antifreeze. Usually, with a garage or slab on ground without foundation, since there is a thermal bridge with the outside, the mixture is 30/70, lowering the freezing temperature to -12 dC.

Zone panel

  • Since it is the brain of the system, the zone panel receives signals from the thermostats and controls the circulators, actuators and boiler to distribute the fluid to the room in demand.

Zone Actuator

  • It is a low-voltage valve, which allows or prevents the liquid to pass through the loop in demand. Thus, it is possible to supply circuits to distribute the fluid to the part in demand, without distributing it to others, which are not in demand.


Deal with the professionals and save money by cutting out the middleman!

Bring your plan to our estimation team!

If you are a self-builder and have a hydronic radiant floor construction and installation project in mind, the first step is to attach the plans of your quote request to our team through our contact form. 

The estimation department will study your plan and communicate with you to define your needs. The first objective of this collaboration is to ensure that you get a pre-assembled panel that meets your needs while offering you heating savings and optimizing your comfort.

Then, our coordinator will analyze your project with our expert team. This team will review each step of your project, estimate the total cost of your panel, and recommend effective solutions that will respect your budget.

The result will be a pre-assembled panel designed according to your needs and delivered to your home.

Doing the installation yourself is easy and cost-effective!


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We assemble your system according to your needs and requirements


Your new system is delivered directly to your home

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Plancher Radiants - Microclimat

Why choose Microclimat for your hydronic radiant floor?

Plancher Radiants - Microclimat


It is essential for us to manufacture our pre-assembled hot water radiant floor panels with the highest quality materials. We use components, materials and parts to ensure from well-known brands optimal performance.

Plancher Radiants - Microclimat


Each floor heating panel is custom-made according to your floors’ dimensions and the rooms that need to be heated. In addition, we take your heating needs and budget into consideration to create a pre-assembled panel that will suit you in every way.

Plancher Radiants - Microclimat


Our floor heating panels are perfect for self-builders. They are easy to install and do not require any special plumbing knowledge. An installation guide will be provided with the technical support. This way, you will save on labor and installation costs.

Plancher Radiants - Microclimat


We provide fast delivery of your pre-assembled hydronic radiant floor panel anywhere in Quebec.

Plancher Radiants - Microclimat
You’re good with your hands and you know it, you made a good choice!

You could save up to 35% on your hydronic radiant heating project installed by you

We will provide you with an installation plan and all the necessary materials to make your project a success.
Our technical department is there to help you achieve your goals. If you have any questions, they will have the answer.

You can be proud of your achievement!

Example of a detailed project for a customer

Our pre-assembled turnkey kits are easy to install and are perfect for self-builders.
Everything is included in the price: all you have to do is install your new floor.

A Electric boiler
B Distribution manifold
C PEX pipe with oxygen barrier for heating
D Select 5/8 plywood
E Differential pressure bypass valve
F Copper piping

G Circulator pump
H Radiant thermostat with floor sensor
I Air separator
J Pressure regulating valve and back flow preventer
K Safety valve
L Pressurization tank

Microclimat vs others



We are contractors with licenses from the Régie du bâtiment du Québec
With over 20 years of experience specializing in radiant heating
We work with architects and engineers on large scale projects
We are members of the CMMTQ, APCHQ and ACQ
We have 5 000 000$ liability insurance
We work with software to design your system
We provide you with an installation plan
We offer technical support
We serve Montreal, Laval, Lanaudiere, Laurentians and more
We can repair your radiant heating systems
Our technicians are specialized and trained by the manufacturers
Fast, courteous and efficient service
Pre-assembled panel of superior quality offering you economy and efficiency
Office with engineers, technologists and technicians
Plancher Radiants - Microclimat

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If you would like to have more information on our pre-assembled hydronic floor heating panels, on our prices or on our other services, we invite you to use our contact form. It will allow you to send us plans and precise information about your project. Our specialists will be happy to answer all your questions!

Increase your air quality and comfort while saving money!

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